Hosted Exchange: How to Choose a Provider

Posted on March 2nd, 2015 by admin in Hosting | Comments Off

If you’re tired of managing your own Exchange server and want to free yourself from the costs and pains of doing so, you may want to give a thought to switching to a hosted Exchange provider.

What To Look For

When comparing hosted Exchange providers, look for the following attributes

  • Uptime and a guarantee.  Is there a network uptime guarantee?  Do they provide an SLA
  • Security.  You’ll be trusting the security of your company to the hosting company.  Do they have a good track record of security?  Do they offer anti-spam, anti-virus and SSL encryption?
  • Compatibility.  Ensure their offering is fully compatible with the Microsoft products you use.  Outlook, shared calendars, address lists, syncing to mobile.
  • Support.  Where can you ask for help?  Do they have 24×7 support?  Do they offer both phone and online support?


In addition to the items above, check the specs on the following features

  • Mailbox size.  Will the size of each mailbox work for your company?
  • Attachment size.  Nothing more annoying than attachments that won’t go through.  Is the attachment size reasonable?
  • Email archival.  Do they offer/charge extra to archive your email?
  • Mobile compatibility.  Will your BlackBerry, Iphone, Android phones be compatible and easy to setup?


Run through a cost calculator and see how much hosted Exchange servers might save you over hosting it yourself.  Compare hardware costs, licenses, and operating costs.

Switching to a hosted Exchange provider may be a great way to save money and headaches for your small business.