The Basics: Register a Domain Name

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One of the steps to starting an Internet site is registering the domain name. Coming up with the name is the fun part. After that, you will want to go to a domain registrar. For this example, we’ll use my favorite registrar, GoDaddy.

Step 1: Find a domain name that is available.

At, there is a box on the homepage that says Domain Name Search. To find your name, type it in this box and choose from the drop down box a tld (.com, .net, etc). Click the Go button.

If the name isn’t available keep trying until you find one that is available that you like. GoDaddy offers suggestions for alternatives if the name you searched is not available.

Step 2: Register the Domain

After you’ve found a suitable name, continue with the checkout process. You will need to choose how many years you would like to register your domain. A discount is offered if you choose to register it for multiple years. You will be reminded by email when the end of your registration period is up, so that you can choose to extend your registration.

Step 3: Enter contact information

A domain must have contact information associated with it. There are four contact fields that you must enter but you can use the same contact information for each. Alternatively, GoDaddy offers private registration for a few more dollars. This will set a proxy contact so that your own contact information is not directly accessible.

Step 4: Point your Domain Somewhere

Point the domain name to a server at your web host or leave it alone and GoDaddy will park the domain for you.

Once you complete the checkout process, you’re all set!